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Hello World! Welcome to Kat Vision

Updated: Apr 22

Learn a little bit about who I am and how it can help you go to the next level.

Hello everyone! Whether you've met me a thousand times or have no clue who I am, I ensure you are going to learn something new about me today.

You might be in the wrong place.

If you're looking for stuff that's all about how to get a lot of followers or make millions, you're in the wrong place. So then where are you exactly?

You're either stumbling on here because you support me, you've found this post I've made ions ago thinking to yourself "well who is she", or most importantly you're on the verge of starting a new journey and you're looking for some assistance to make it the best version of itself - did I guess any of those? Then, welcome to KatVision.

Who am I?

I am a complicated person who enjoys the complexities of creativity and the mind. The ever-changing platforms of what is creativity and how exists in such a vast yet quiet way in all of our lives. Meaning, that the world is so concentrated, and everything has a "look" that was carefully curated for that specific person a that specific time (if done correctly), yet we simply accept it and move forward. Still don't get it? It's complicated.

Why explain all of this? Well, it's the only way to answer such a deep question without you getting to know me. If I tell you what I do and how I fill my time, does that tell you who I am?

How I fill my time.

I live in Kimberling City, MO to live close to my dad. Since my parents divorced, he moved away from our home (Atlanta, GA) and started to build a new life. I decided to be a part of that life - simple and quiet (when we aren't blasting whatever speaker we can find). During my new simple life, I've made space to dabble in every hobby I can think of from tarot reading and watching every movie possible to learning SUP boarding and Spanish.

I've lived here almost a year and it's still just as simple as it's always been. I've bought a house, grown my relationshipg with my partner, and increased my confidence in myself. All of these simple things have boosted me into this moment of starting my businesses.

How I got here.

My past could be its very own website, filled with categories like a childhood filled with happiness, a traumatic relationship, the reinvention of myself, how I explore the world, and so many more. The only way to put this in a short paragraph here is to say that life experiences mixed with talent have created an entrepreneur looking to help everyone else fulfill their dreams. I've started Kat Vision as a solidification into who I was always meant to be! I've taken time to get off track, to see the grass on the other side and I've answered the ultimate question. Yes, the grass is greener on the other side because I watered it.

Getting down to business.

The best watering can I used were Tarot Cards. They helped guide me with difficult decisions and expand my emotional vocabulary. My vision is to create a world where tarot is recognized as a valuable tool for mental health and self-discovery, where individuals feel empowered to embrace their authenticity and navigate life's challenges with courage and confidence. Through our commitment to compassion, integrity, and holistic well-being, we aspire to be a trusted resource for those seeking guidance, healing, and transformation.

Let's move forward.

Wow, you actually read the whole thing! Did you learn something new? Since you're still here, I want to end this weird writing experiment with something funny and witty. However, I think the best way to end this is by saying I'm here with so many life experiences that have made me what I think is the best person to help you with your dream.

If you enjoyed my little tangent, I'd love for you to leave a comment.

Again, welcome to Kat Vision! Are you interested in learning more?

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May 23, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great insight!

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