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Tarot Reading
for Mental Health

I am dedicated to empowering individuals on their journey to mental wellness through the transformative power of tarot. We provide compassionate guidance, support, and insight, fostering self-awareness, resilience, and personal growth. My mission is to illuminate the path to emotional healing, clarity, and empowerment, guiding our clients toward a more fulfilling and balanced life.


My name is Kat Smith

My vision is to create a world where tarot is recognized as a valuable tool for mental health and self-discovery, where individuals feel empowered to embrace their authenticity and navigate life's challenges with courage and confidence. Through our commitment to compassion, integrity, and holistic well-being, we aspire to be a trusted resource for those seeking guidance, healing, and transformation.

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What People Are Saying

"Tarot Wellness exceeded my expectations with their compassionate and insightful approach to mental health. The Creative Insights Tarot Reading not only inspired my creativity but also provided much-needed emotional support during a challenging time. I'm grateful for their guidance and encouragement."

Emily R., Writer

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